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You also have Pending and Total Balance columns and the Is Default feature allows you to set the default wallet for each currency. You can also make transfers within your wallets and create new ones. The first time you deposit into a wallet, you will be asked to generate an address for it.

It has a clear format of charting, which can be modified with different time intervals. The platform is also packed with trading strategies that assist clients in trading. Through Beaxy’s platform clients, novice or otherwise, are given the chance to experience charting like a professional.. Beaxy is generous in giving bonuses and pushes customers to make successful trades. This is the reason why the exchange implemented a match bonus that gives additional funds of the exact amount as the client deposited. If you deposited $500 minimum, you will receive an additional $500 in your account.

Another useful tool is the daily winners on the home page where you can easily scan the daily winners of all coins available. This is a great tool for crypto day traders to track daily volatility. A full view of market depth, order book, and order flow is readily available as well as a sentiment meter that will inform you of the rough sentiment among buyers and sellers. One-click is available for all crypto scalpers out there who are looking to trade order flow. VIP club members receive up to 30% cashback on paid commissions for a month. In addition, you will receive increased referral fees and monthly prizes from the platform.

The user is at liberty to choose which currency this electronic wallet would be filled with. The user would then undergo a verification process through agreement with the company’s Terms and Conditions and hitting the “Sign Up” button. Once the site accepts the user’s registration, he or she would be getting an email confirmation which he or she will be required to click to be redirected back to the site. The redirection is needed so that the user would be led back to login to the newly-created account to undergo yet another process called the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol.

After your transfers have been confirmed you are free to trade on the exchange. Austin DeNoce is a writer, personal investor, and entrepreneur who is focused on trading and investing education for macro, crypto, equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange traders. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s in philosophy and carries a deep passion for a first-principles approach to investing and education therein.

  1. It employs beneficial services through partnership with different providers to continually provide and revolutionize their client services.
  2. The trading interface is customizable and can be moved around as you like.
  3. On the get go, the review has had no difficulty in going through the functions of the platform.
  4. I would love to see a live chat instead of the chatbot as it’s just not enough in many cases when more difficult issues arise.
  5. Another advantage of trading with Beaxy is its high-grade security measures that guarantee the protection of their clients’ personal data and funds.

Access order books on par with the largest crypto markets in the world.

Beaxy’s customer support also includes a massive Help Center where you can find tens of valuable articles explaining how exactly to use the exchange. Users are encouraged to first check their Help Center if a question arises. However, if you can’t find an answer then just head straight over to their support beaxy exchange review ticket form or live chat and they will give you an instant answer. The wallet columns include the Wallet Name, Available Balance, Reserved Balance, Locked Balance, Pending and Total Balance and the Is Default feature. The first time you deposit into a wallet, you will have to generate the wallet first.

Beaxy Withdrawal Fee

This houses necessary technical indicators and charting instruments. Beaxy’s Public API Portal provides real-time market data, which means that traders will no longer connect to multiple exchanges to get the best market prices. You can also view historical price and volume data, as well as receive notifications when trades are executed. As already mentioned, this review was conducted through a look into the facets of’s service. The loyalty rewards payout for this day will be $2,500, and this balance is displayed on the Loyalty Rewards page as a “Pending Balance”, and changes everyday once the calculations are performed at midnight. The wallet columns include the Wallet Name, Available Balance, Reserved Balance, and Locked Balance, which is the balance locked away in any staking or loyalty programs.

Beaxy: What to Expect From This Review

They are planning to provide penetration, cloud infrastructure, white box, black box, and many more tests to insure Beaxy’s security. Beaxy offers several different order types in addition to regular limit and market orders, including Limit IOC, Limit FOK, Take Profit, and more. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active.

The Trustpilot Experience

It can be contacted across their different channels, including their Telegram group, Discord server, and Twitter account. Launch was a disaster, and in the years since, they have failed to provide tradeable books across most of their listed assets. Additionally their market makers routinely pull their orders from the already thin books, so using stop orders is asking to get your position sold off far below market price. Literally every other crypto exchange I’ve used has been a better trading experience. This will then form an order, which is transferred to an order book. This order book contains buy and sell orders on an asset, which are then matched by the engine to complete the transaction.

Beaxy Trading Fees

On the get go, the review has had no difficulty in going through the functions of the platform. After diving into all its services for this Beaxy review, we believe the Beaxy exchange is an above-average trading platform but far from a top competitor in the cryptocurrency exchange space. Some of the rewards include up to 30% back in trading fees (in BTC), offers personal customer support, and awards BXY token (Beaxy’s utility token) according to your trading volume. Discounts on exchange trading fees can be obtained by holding a certain level of daily trading, as well as holding a certain number of BXY coins on your balance. The maximum discount on trading commissions is 25%, which is provided to holders of BXY amounting to 12,000 USD. Cryptocurrency exchange offers bonuses and discounts to both new users and registered traders.

This means that when you make the first deposit you will double your capital immediately and all of it is yours to trade with. This is one of the most generous crypto deposit bonuses I’ve seen and it’s a good way for traders to get to know the platform. The User Agreement is a document regulating the relationship between the user and the administration of the cryptocurrency exchange. The document defines the basic order of work on the exchange, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties.

To deposit funds on Beaxy, click on the “My wallets” tab at the top right of the screen, and select your preferred currency. After that, click on the + icon next to it, which will expand the list of wallets you have for this currency. Low fees, U.S. and trustworthy, secure and quality customer service have all been a big plus for me when using Beaxy.

If you want to learn all its services and whether or not you should create a Beaxy account, stick around for this in-depth Beaxy review. It’s an automatic technical analysis tool that will let you choose from new setups just and it works exactly like Tinder where you swift left and right if you want to accept the new trade setup. Withdrawal of earnings at the exchange is carried out in the reverse order. Select the currency for withdrawal, specify the withdrawal amount and payment details.

However, fees are fixed and there is not available for clients with entry-level accounts. Other accounts that may be used for staking are the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. It is important to note that levels rely heavily on the number of cryptos they want to stake. The group behind this exchange takes pride in Beaxy’s core functionalities. On top of that, a comprehensive and seamless service for all kinds of traders remains to be its main objective.


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