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Make this a one-of-a-kind space with effective furniture and storage ideas, and banish the clutter regularly. Desk chairs come in a great variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. But the most ideal ones are those that are available in the same footprint as the space. If you know your home office size, you could consider getting a desk and chair customized for the space. Made-to-measure furniture will not only ensure that every inch of the space is utilized perfectly but will also give the room a neat look.

Be it pens, pencils, staplers, batteries, or notepads, seeing all the miscellaneous things mixing up inside can give anyone anxiety. In the same way, you need to take advantage of the vertical space you have in your home office. This is especially true if you have a smaller desk area and don’t have any desk drawers.

Best Home Office Organization Tips:

Opening and closing drawers in search of your favorite pen, or that stylish stapler to group documents? Save the need for hunting and accidentally (on-purpose) slamming them by switching out a traditional desk with drawers for a glass table with transparent compartments. If you’re not looking to put holes in your walls, you can still hang things in your office area. Consider using removable hooks or velcro to hang lighter things on your wall that can be removed without any damage to your walls when you’re ready for a change. Make your own pen and pencil organizers with mason jars, tin cans or any other container that you can repurpose with a bit of paint.

home office organization tips

A locked, fireproof container is essential for really important documents, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and car titles. When a project comes in, you might start by putting it in your inbox. Within a day or two, it can move to your file rack of open projects. After a couple of years (depending on your business and how long you’re required to keep documentation), it should move to its final resting place — the recycling bin or shredder. You spend countless hours at your desk, so it’s important to feel comfortable as you work.

Use lockers for a retro feel

This Hey Dewy portable humidifier is a true gift for long days stuck on Zoom. It can mist for up to eight hours on a single charge, which eliminates the need for charging cables on the desk. Those crunched for space to even fit a desk lamp can look to a floor lamp instead. You’ll still have a well-lit work station—your home office tips table top just won’t be as cluttered. Make sure the lamp arcs at the top or has a boom joint, so it can shine directly over your desk. Banish boxes of receipts, financial records, medical documents, business cards, photos, and more with a compact scanner—some models are no larger than a thick ruler.

This simple desk is created by using two filing cabinets and a sturdy wooden plank. It makes a large desk with plenty of room for one person, or it can be used as a desk for two people depending upon your needs (1). Most offices have shelves and spacious drawers that offer plenty of storage space if you find the right containers to help sort and separate all of your office supplies. Pegboards are such a great way to add a lot of additional extra storage space to your home office. Get creative and hang things like scissors, tape, or charging cords from hooks on a pegboard so they’re easy to find when you need them.


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